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The global impact that the Coronavirus pandemic is having has been very strong in different areas, one of them is the economic one, since derived from inactivity as a result of preventive measures by health authorities, companies and people have been affected among other things by:


  • The closure of companies

  • Mass layoffs


Which has generated an even greater impact for financial entities dedicated to financing, since this entails:


  • Failure to pay current credits

  • Increase in demand for credit


Insufficient infrastructure to attend the 2 previous points

Due to this, at Soft Credito we have proposed actions that contribute to counteract this impact on financial entities by promoting the following 5 objectives:


  • Do not stop income by granting responsible credits

  • Do not lose control of your portfolio

  • Maintain preventive alert mechanisms

  • Have your work center distributed remotely

  • Automate a large part of your financial operations



With Soft credit you will have + credit + accessible + automatic and with - Risks:


  1. Promote your credits 100% online by automating the selection of viable cases through our Soft landing solution that connects the main promotion page with the portfolio page.

  2. With Soft CRM you can automate the integration of applications and your credit file, automatically validating the information on official sites, and you can also contact your prospects via Skype without requiring personal telephone lines.

  3. You will maintain responsible and 100% automated credit granting schemes through Soft Risk , since the platform meets banking principles and practices for credit automation through scoring.

  4. Our automated and configurable Soft Alert alert system will allow your entire risk and operations team to have a monitor of all credit and financial alerts in order to take preventive actions on your portfolio.

  5. The reconciliation, payment and dispersal processes will no longer require physical presence since with Soft Automatic you will be able to disperse, collect and reconcile your banks automatically through STP Bank.

  6. Finally, the Soft Credito platform, being a cloud platform, allows all its users to connect from anywhere, in a very secure way and with fully accessible access and auditing protocols; In this way you can have your team working at home without losing control and productivity of your financier.


Scale your financial with Soft Crédito

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