The New Reality will leave many things in the past

Your Financier is ready for the new reality " Fintech "

  • You can receive credits online and authorize credit applications automatically

  • You can technologically validate the file of your clients

  • You can analyze the risk profile of your clients by connecting to the flow of their accounts with "Open Banking"

  • You can automatically adjust risks based on their behavior and predictability using AI

  • You can automate your collection through the online application of payments or payments by CODI

  • You can manage your risk statistics and estimate your default probabilities

  • You can automate your interest rates based on risk-return

  • You can simplify your notifications and collection processes through Payment Robots

  • You can analyze your risks by automating inquiries to credit information entities

  • You can generate alerts or semaphores of risk due to delinquency of the portfolio

  • You can automate your compliance and reporting processes (PLD, SAT, CNBV, Banxico, Condusef)

  • You can manage 100% of your financial remotely and semi-automatically

Open Banking

Collection bots

Data Mining

Artificial intelligence

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"Safe, simple, sustainable"